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BREAKING: Exclusive Interview with Gishbus!

We had the immense fortune to snag an interview with the newly self-created Gishbus. Running on Kale Oil, we pre-determined we quite like Gishbus on its exquisite tastes alone. Our Kaleditor, Brassica O’Sabellica sat down with the handsome yellow giant with the bright blue eyes to sip some tea, and find out more.

Kaleditor (K): First of all, welcome to sentient life- hopefully having cognitive thought has been agreeable thus far. The Kale is excited to interrogate you in a kind and informal way. We plan on publishing a very accurate account of your responses on our extremely important website that is followed by at least two people. We hope that you find our forwardness a sign of enthrallment and curiosity. As Kaleditor, I have a deep respect for Gishwhes, as well as buses. You can imagine the reaction of a discovery of a Gish/Bus combination. Clearly there are many questions…

Gishbus! (GB): [Blinks loudly in agreement. Honks once with excitement.]

K: We assume you use hands free text to tweet, since you are a bus and do not have hands. Do you have a human handler to assist in your online activities? What color pants do they wear usually?

GB: Thank you! I have several helpers to keep things running smoothly on the road. I am not completely familiar with the concept of species yet, but one of them is significantly smaller and hairier than the others. They make sure that my tank is full and my grass is green and that people feel welcome when they meet me! They have many different colors of pants (those are trousers for your British readers), but the small one appears to not wear pants at all.

 K: Gishbus will be traveling around the United States the summer, any future plans to pull a full on ‘Magic School Bus,’ and visit Europe or perhaps the inside of a volcano?

GB: I would love to visit as many places as possible! I am currently limited by my reliance on “roads”, but someday I hope to be able to travel to places where I won’t need roads.  I’ve been working with a specialist to convert my obsolete gasoline engine into something more…futuristic.

K:  VVIP tier sounds extremely exclusive, what is one exclusive thing you can disclose to only us about what sort of perks might be included? (We will only tell the internet, other than that it is between us.)

GB: The VVIP area is the most well kept secret in all of Gishtory, I cannot disclose any information about its contents. I can tell you what is NOT in the VVIP room, though. There are no snakes in the VVIP room.

K: Are there any other social media sites people and other sentient objects may follow you on? Myspace? Xanga? What is your AIM name? A/S/L?

GB: I have been programed with the following social media applications:

Twitter: @gishbus

Instagram: Gishbus (This one is being worked on)

You can also follow they livestream from the Spa and Relaxation Lounge at It will only be running when we are at stops.

K: Are the eyes used on the windshield cover human? We noticed they seemed rather apocalyptic.

GB: Those are my eyes. I think they are pretty.

[Kale agrees; eyes are breath-taking in person.]

K:  People are quite excited about the prospect of you coming to their city, will you be open at some point to take location requests? For example, there is one fan in Weed, CA who would love to give you a token of their appreciation.

GB: Since becoming active? aware? Whichever…I have received numerous requests to visit people in various places. Although I wish I could go everywhere, right now I only want to visit places that have the most number of letters in the name. Im hoping to visit Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg by the end of the summer. I would also like to go to Pittsburgh.

K:  In your opinion is pineapple on pizza a tragedy, or a national treasure? (This question is heavily judged.)

GB: I think everyone should be able to have whatever pizza toppings they like. I’ll pick it up!

K:  Gishbus just participated in a tele-thon for Gishwhes, it looked like an event packed with celebrities. How were the snacks?

 GB: They were ok. I’m not a fan of kale chips. But it was neat meeting all the peoples!

K: What exactly will be the use of the single sock donation upon entering you?

GB: That is confidential. Stop asking so many questions.

K: When guests are allowed on the bus, will this include any guest or must they be of Kingdom: Animalia? (We sincerely hope all Kingdoms, Plantae included will be allowed on Gishbus.)

GB: Currently only humans are allowed on the bus. I have found that certain species might mistake my floor for a potty-mat. Now everyone has to sign a Non-Defecation Agreement in order to enter. This is why we can’t have nice things.

K: We know you are an extremely busy bus, thank you for sitting down with us! We truly hope our hard-hitting journalism is not too intimidating for you in your early hours of self-awareness. Lettuce once again thank you for creating yourself, and indulging us.

GB: Thanks for the interview! It was the best one I’ve done so far!

There you have it, exclusive facts about Gishbus you won’t hear anywhere else in the universe. Make sure you follow Gishbus to keep up with their events and stops. We will update you exclusive content when available. Gishbus’ next stop will be TODAY from 12:03pm- 1:57pm, at Geeky Teas: 707 S. Main St. in Burbank, CA. We asked what you can bring to help support ‘Cat’s Meow, Animal Rescue- Science Diet Cat and Kitten Food, clumping litter, gift cards for pet stores, cat toys and KMR Milk Replacer are all needed. So please, take a step out of the shade and into the sun and say hello to our new friend Gishbus and help support your furry friends.

One comment on “BREAKING: Exclusive Interview with Gishbus!

  1. KH Becks says:

    Quite the impressive piece of interrogative journalism, Kaleditor! It must have been difficult to maintain such rigid proffesionalism in the face of those “breath-taking” eyes (a purely objective observation, of course). I hope this is only the first of many interviews with Gishbus. Do, though, proceed with caution during your future encounters. I’ve heard from a reconnaissance source (who must remain anonymous as the source is a minor who spoke without parental consent) that there is a “real fograt” lurking in Gishbus’s VVIP room. After an extensive 30 second investigation performed by my team of crack researchers (consisting of Me, Myself, and I), it was discovered fograts are probably, at the very least, omnivorous, and they uncovered one notable British fograt with possible connections to Her Majesty publicly stating “you can never have too much kale.”

    As a shining beacon of journalistic integrity, apparent premier Gishwhes news source, and champion of literacy and free thought, it would be a tragic loss if you were utterly consumed by the fograt lurking in Gishbus’s nether regions.

    Your most faithful of readers,


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