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GUEST PIECE- TheKyle Gives Back

The Ka-Kyle was touched by all the support we received from our readers. Because of that, we have decided we will print a few guest pieces. Here is one written by Dawn. We are unclear if this is a person, or the actual Dawn, either way… here it is.

Give Me a Sec
Radioactive decay. Ticks on a clock. Is time an actual thing, an experience. A memory. What do you do with extra seconds granted? December 31 will grant us, for the second year in a row, an additional moment added to the world’s clocks. My moment will be spent reflecting on this year’s memories. My son turning 13, shenanigans with Team REDACTED for GISHWHES. I will remember loving and cursing Misha Collins and adoring my team mates. Remember creating art and performing kindness and inspiring hope. I will take this additional second, a gift of science, and appreciate the amazing things that have happened in my life. Then I will try to remember to do it all of the other seconds and minutes and hours. I will try to dedicate all of my seconds to making memories or appreciating them, to not take the gifts in my life for granted and then to pass on the happiness that I derive from those memories and channel it into kindness and hope and love. To put out what has been given to me in such abundance. Most importantly, I will thank the people who have allowed me this happiness, out loud, every day, and in my heart, every second.


Thank you for that, Dawn. It is not quite as shady as we like, but every now any again, why not have a piece that doesn’t end in a satirical bloodbath, right?

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