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GUEST PIECE- Michelene Russell

The US Naval Observatory announced that a leap second will be added to 2016. At 6:59:59 pm ET on December 31st, this leap second will realign the time discrepancy between atomic clocks and the Earth’s rotation. defines at a moment’s notice as with little warning or time for preparation. Couldn’t we also define it as an unwanted discrepancy between an abrupt, random event, and our reaction to it? What if, instead of reacting to a moments notice, we take this extra second to notice a moment? What if, we take this second, own it, and use it to realign the emotional discrepancy between what we believe we HAVE to do; and what we wish we COULD do.
I’ll grab my second and go, bravely. Read a book, out of my usual genre. Taste a new food. Notice the people I encounter with a smile, hello, and thank you as I rotate through my day . Join #TeamDPNFamily for GISHWHES. Pick up a brush and paint. Kiss a loved one. Donate that coffee money to charity. Mentor a child. A day contains limited seconds. I won’t simply let them pass, then fade. I Stop. Notice them.
Our bodies are our biological clocks. Our actions, thoughts, and dreams are the rotation we make throughout the seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years. Realign the discrepancy between merely spinning through the days and nights and choosing your orbit. Not just on December 31st, at 6:59:59 pm ET, but every day. Take a second. Notice a moment.

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