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Couple Staying at Hotel on Supernatural Convention Weekend Tries to Figure Out What is Going On

VANCOUVER- As the Supernatural Convention Tour heats up this weekend, a couple finds themselves in a constant state of confusion. Helen and Roy have traveled for a weekend of relaxing and reconnection. The two found themselves surrounded by a steady stream of people in trench-coats and plaid. Having no idea what a convention is, Helen and Roy have already spent their evening looking up the cast and crew on the internet.

“We don’t watch Supernatural, but whatever is happening here is very exciting!” explained Roy earnestly. “When Helen asked what the show was about most people just screamed ‘EVERYTHING’.” Helen sipped her second margarita from the hotel bar.

“It’s called a Bobby’s Salt-Gun, what does that mean? I don’t care. I like it.” Helen fist-pumped the air. “I never want to leave. There’s people singing KANSAS all the time. And apparently someone got married but ran out of rice because they were throwing SALT everywhere! We are supposed to be here to fix on our marriage, but this is much better.”

We asked the couple what they found out from their Google Research on the popular television show.

“More Gay Porn than we expected for a show on the CW.” They both concluded.

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