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Convention Panel Gives a Wholesome Lesson in World Geography

VANCOUVER- On stage this weekend at a convention for the television show Supernatural, cast members lead the audience in a detailed and informative presentation on French monuments. The Supernatural Cast are strong advocates for always being prepared with a teachable moment. Often times questions or comments during panels go in a slightly different direction that originally intended. In this instance, the cast were highly concerned with showing off the most famous of French icons.

“It was fantastic.” One fan said, “They were all so willing and excited to show us The Eiffle Tower. Two of the actors, Misha Collins and Rob Benedict were the two sides, and actress Briana Buckmaster kneeled between them. It was exactly like I was in Paris, looking at the real thing. Kim Rhodes seemed really impressed too.”

Looking at the photographic evidence from Louden Swain‘s Billy Moran it is evident how passionate the cast is about International Cultural Landmarks. It can be expected that this image will be used as a valuable education tool for years to come.

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