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Supernatural Fan Unable to Watch Horror Film without Micromanaging

CHICAGO- As the Halloween season draws near, new horror movies are starting to come out. Recently  Bradford, a Supernatural fan took a day off work to go see one of these films, and found himself unable to concentrate on the plot because he was so upset with the inefficiency the protagonists used to rid their house of spirits.

“It was CLEARLY a Vengeful spirit! These idiots spent the entire movie trying to film it! Sam and Dean would have taken care of this in ten minutes. Even AFTER they figured out WHO the spirit was they didn’t even look for the bones to salt and burn. Actually they never used salt ONCE for fucks sake. I could have gotten rid of 12 ghosts in the time I wasted watching this movie.” He fumed. “Look. The minute they started feeling cold spots and saw lights flickering I knew what was going on, but it took them half the movie to even start realizing it wasn’t rats or a broken air-conditioning.”

Bradford reported that like with all horror films he tries to watch, he spent the entire film muttering under his breath, and creating an intricate hunting plan. He plans to save his money next time, and just re-watch all 11 seasons of Supernatural.


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