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2016’s Most Heated Debate Reaches the Oval Office

WASHINGTON, DC- On October 15, 2016 an intense debate continues in The White House. Over the past few months, America has been split in two, diverse issues setting the population into (mostly) two staunch camps of thought. However after the events that occurred on October 13, it is no surprise that the election has taken a backseat to what is surely the most tumultuous situation the First Family has faced in their 8 year run.

During the Season Premiere of Supernatural, actor Misha Collins tweeted this seemingly innocuous tweet.
What followed can only be described as absolute mayhem.
 “You know, in my 8 years in office- I don’t think I’ve felt this much of an internal conflict. On one hand… It’s unequivocally spelled ‘Cas,’ but do you argue with Mr. Collins? Castiel himself? Michelle and Malia quickly flip-flopped and got behind Misha. Was I disappointed? Yes. Sasha and I couldn’t believe how quickly they just… changed. I am holding out hope this was just a ruse for Misha to teach everyone a lesson. Maybe a political lesson. Because otherwise, I don’t know what to believe anymore.” said the President, looking forlorn.
“He stands in the mirror every night,” says Michelle, “and says, I’m the one who gripped America tight, and raised it from perdition. He has a Castiel pillow. Barack sees himself in Castiel- and that’s why we fell in love. This whole extra ‘S’ is beyond distressing. I can only hope that the presidential election will have some kind of fabricated drama that can distract us from Castiel’s name.”
We reached out to WikiLeaks, in the hope they could reveal some type of light on the truth. They replied with the following:
Fuck that. We are not getting involved with the Supernatural Fandom. Do you have any idea how intense those people are? We heard Robert Berens said it was, “Cas” but you did NOT hear that from us.
Late Oct. 14th, Misha Collins took to Facebook to live-stream about this dire situation. As of right now the spelling is now up in the air, with variations such as Ca$ and Khaz. What becomes clear, is Mr. Collins advocates for dialogue on this situation- with passion, respect, but with a modicum of civility and to keep talking about it- so we can come out united, and stronger than ever before.
Tweet us @thekaleonline And tell us what side of history you fall on. Cas or Cass. Choice wisely.

2 comments on “2016’s Most Heated Debate Reaches the Oval Office

  1. Dani says:

    I may never know but I’ve accepted the headcanon that President Obama and fam get excited about Supernatural night and gather ’round the tv to watch it together.


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