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Resurrection of Kale

First of all, is this thing still on? Can anyone hear me? If you can read this, make a sound like a turkey snowboarding on a mountain of marshmallows.

Okay, wow. Didn’t expect anyone to do that, the sound was… uh- ANYWAY.

As many of you know, TheKaleOnline was created out of the purest substances known to mankind, salt and whiskey. Because of all of you, YOU, Kale has become must more than just a satirical website and plant. The Kale represents you, the fandom. I never set out to become a voice or a platform. I am just one person in this sea of talent and passion that is Fandom Culture. So, where does this blog fit in now? I want to make this space YOURS. I want to open this site up for YOU to use your voice. The world has changed since last summer when Kale was born. It was a satirical thought we would ACTUALLY have a giant orange buffoon running America and yet…?

This is the time when we cannot be silent about the issues that affect us, this is when we must not bow down to hate. I use comedy as a way to cope with the darkness, it helps me see the light. I have watched this fandom take negative energy and turn it around into artwork. That is what Kale should be. I want you to send me your fears, your sorrow, your happiness, your excitement, your anger, your lust, your YOU. I want to see it, and I want you to have a place where you can share it. I will be re-launching this website around the middle of the month with a forum and a place for YOU to submit your own articles, your own stories, your own satire, your own artwork, your own songs- whatever helps you grow. We all start out as seeds, and it has been a blessing to jump into this supernaturally wonderful fandom, and watch you grow.

I will be writing on this website, as Emy Cee. But the plant? The plant belongs to all of you. And I love you all. Stay tuned for re-launch details and how you can submit your content.


Emy, and also the Plant.

ps: I am still not Misha Collins.

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