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July 19th, 2017, San Diego- Ordering a coffee at her usual caffeine drip, Susan found herself bewildered on Wednesday morning when she bumped into not one, but four individuals happily chatting wearing long beige trenchcoats, backward blue ties, and business attire. “I went in to get my daily soy-nonfat, double caff- kale-infused-latte and they were just standing there. They kept talked about how it was unfair they were killed by something called a Dabb. I KNEW Dabbing was a trouble. One of them was talking about TRAVEL MUGS TO CARRY BLOOD IN. What kind of demonic tax-accountants are these?  I don’t understand, and I don’t like it.”

Rushing out of the shop, Susan ran directly into two blue phone-booths, three female Ghostbusters, 2389 people dressed as Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, and 5 persons dressed in black with Kansas license plates calling themselves ‘Baby.’ Susan hopes the rest of the weekend will remain normal and calm, “because I have a yoga class retreat at the Convention Center and I need a peaceful weekend.”

Good luck Susan, I’m sure it will be fine. Those travel mugs seem cool, unrelated.

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