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As a plant, sometimes things get a little hectic. It is not easy to photosynthesize AND tweet memes. Welcome to FanART Friday. It is Wednesday, but that in no way means the art is any less awesome. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Clay and it’s handler HR. If you have been on Twitter you have seen this man’s incredible work so naturally I had to grill his brain and find out who is the man behind the sculptures that make any Supernatural fan go, “LDJLKSJFLL!!!”

TheKaleOnline (TKO): Hello, HR. First off, you are very talented with clay. Have you always been into sculptures or was this the result of some kind of government project regarding aliens that you can’t talk about?

HR: Hi! Thank you! I love working with clay; polymer clay to be exact. At a very young age I loved action figures and dolls for reasons most kids my age didn’t (damn aliens). I loved looking at the likeness and details and would wonder how they did it. So when I was around 11, I started working with clay and obviously my first attempts didn’t work out. I just kept going at it and now I’m still learning, and just enjoying the process.

TKO: I understand first attempts, at first I wanted to be an Onion, but this was way better. Did you go to art school to perfect your craft? Did you sell your soul? 

 HR: Well if I sold my soul I sure as hell want it back because my work is in no way perfect! However, growing up I always had my family and art teachers telling me that I had potential in the arts. So I always signed up for art class in high school and college, and now I’m about to graduate with a fine arts degree in sculpture. I didn’t learn much about capturing likeness in school, but I learned about mixing colors, proportions and mold making; three key things that are important for what I want to do. 

TKO: CONGRATS ON THE DEGREE, that is no easy feat. Alright, lettuce imagine that a plant wanted to get into making fantastic artwork- what advice would you have for them starting out?

 HR: Well my little seed of a plant, if you want to get into the arts the most important thing is to think about what it does for you. Whether it’s drawing, painting, or sculpting, you have to love the process of making it. Do I want a career creating statues and collectibles? Hell yes! But until I do, I’m just enjoying the process of creating. Do what inspires you! For me it’s pop culture.

TKO: This is fantastic advice, my passion is being salty. Getting real serious now. Pineapples on Pizza, what are your thoughts?

 HR: This is a very personal question. Although I like to express myself, I’m just not ready to go there yet. Time will tell.

TKO: GOOD ANSWER. I’d hate for this interview to have made you public enemy #1. Do you have any upcoming projects you can tell me about? Give me the exclusive HR! 

 HR:  Well I’m known for making Supernatural sculptures, so that continues, but I will be doing some projects outside of SPN. I’m currently working on new Sam, Dean, and Cas sculptures. I want these to be my very best because they will be the last that I make of these characters for a while. I will be moving on to some other sculptures and, well… Wayward ones.

TKO: Oh snap. #WaywardHR! How has your experience in this Supernatural fandom been thus far? How has it shaped your work/Has it shaped your work?

HR: That is a very important topic for me because the SPN fandom has been so supportive of me and my work. From my perspective, my relationship with this fandom is great because I look for positive energy and support when I feel down. They encourage me to grow, and I have! I want to be better for them, and myself. This fandom has given me so many opportunities to share my work with fans and the cast. I still can’t believe that Misha picked my Castiel sculpture to be featured in his Alumni article for the Core University of Chicago Magazine. These new sculptures are dedicated to the people who have supported me in this fandom, and hope to show them very soon. 


TKO: If you had an opportunity to sculpt one person while they posed for you in person, who would it be and why?

 HR: Great question! I would want a person pose for me who is known for having a hard likeness to capture. Like Harrison Ford or Bruce Campbell. Luckily, the internet provides me with plenty of photos, but low key… do you think Britney Spears would pose for me?

TKO: What is your favorite prank on the set of Supernatural? (I am by law required to ask that questions. I am sorry.)

 HR: I would answer that question, but they will come for me if I do.

TKO: I side-eye that answer, HR… Back to the important things- can you describe your process of creating pieces for me? 

 HR: Well sometimes I like to start with a concept drawing of what it could possibly look like. From there I will gather hundreds of photos for references. After I sculpt them I recently started making silicone molds (expensive, but worth it) to cast them into a nice sturdy resin sculpture. For my next sculptures I will be doing video presentations talking about the process of making each. Stay tuned!

TKO: I AM TUNED ON! Where can we find your work online? Website? Do you take commissions?

HR: The only commissions that I do every now and then are my pop culture inspired HRminis. You can check them out at @HRminis on twitter. They aren’t mast produced; they are all specially made by me. If you want to see my work you can find me here:

Twitter: @Hrzone2 or Hrzone2art

Facebook page: Hrzone2

Instagram: Hrzone2art

Deviantart: Hrzone2


I want to thank you so very much for granting me the privilege of getting some insight into your work, and I look VERY much forward for your works to come. Someday I will get you to tell me your prank on set. Someday…

minis full

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